Ray Man : A 40-Hour Chant @ Glastonbury

Lantern Cottage, Glastonbury

September 1st – 3rd, 2023

Investment : £108

(Accommodation in rooms is on first come first served basis)

Marking the boundary between summer and autumn and designed to give you a sense of completion of and insight into your summer’s activities, this workshop will use the tools of kundalini yoga to prepare you for the more reflective and introspective qualities heralded by autumn.

Sivaroshan will be begin the session with a short talk introducing the numerology of 9 which relates to the energy of autumn and change, and to the capacity to endure. We’ll then explore and embody these concepts for us as individuals through the practices of kundalini yoga and meditation, creating a container for energetic transformation. In line with kundalini as a practice, this workshop will focus on seeing through to the truth of things so that we might experience the liberating, clarifying force of authentic being.

Including an extended relaxation space and a guided energy healing, it welcomes all, and has been created to give you a sense of clarity into your life path, offer inspiration for the future and to function as a pathway towards healing and reconciliation with your true Self.

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